The Top 10 Makeup Trends for Deep Winter Season

1. Moody Lips

The focus of makeup this season is all about the lips. Dark, moody shades, like deep purples, burgundy, and black, have been seen all over the runways. It’s a bold statement, so pair it with a minimal eye and a nude blush for a balanced look.

2. Glitter Galore

Glitter has taken on a new level with this winter trend. Sparkling glitter that illuminates the face can be seen on your eyes, lips and even around the edges of your face. Just add a little or a lot to your makeup to radiate from within.

3. Natural Skin

Less is more when it comes to the skin this winter season. Natural skin with a subtle tint – no heavy foundations are required! Give your skin a healthy glow with a tinted moisturizer or a very lightweight foundation.

4. Bold Brows

The natural, bushy brow trend continues into this winter of 2021. Whether you’re going for a tailored style or a straight, brushed-up brow, sculpting is the key. With most of the focus on the eyes and lips, bold brows can be touched up and shaped with another coat of clear brow gel.

5. Redefining Contour

Winter-contouring is all about “less is more.” With light powder and a natural, soft look, contouring has taken a new look this season. Instead of creating angular shadows, light highlights create a more delicate vibe, so choose products with a soft iridescent finish to create a subtle glow.

The Top 10 Makeup Trends for Deep Winter Season 1

6. Retro Gone Edgy

Retro makeup with an edge is what is trendy this season. Bold ‘60s and ‘70s looks combined with modern twist of today create the perfect edgy It-factor. Inspired by legendary divas of those eras, a bold, matte winged liner and tightly lined upper and lower lashes can easily make you the big hit of parties this season.

7. Brighter Eye Palette

With neutral complexions and natural skin being “in” this season, brighter shades will have bigger pop and stand out more. Experiment with colors such as soft pink, icy blues, and pale yellows to add a touch of fun and brightness to your makeup. For even more added intensity, try using a small amount of eye gloss over the shadow for a dewy look.

8. Matte Bronzer

Sunkissed mat look makes a comeback for the winter. Just skip the highlighter and swap it with a little matte bronzer for a finish that’s both subtle and sexy. Be mindful not to apply too much, to avoid looking too orange, as a bronzed look this winter should look like a natural tan, not fake.

9. Faux Freckles

Faux freckles are a fun little addition to any winter makeup routine. Create them with a brow pencil or a brown eyeliner and dab a couple of extra dots on the cheeks for a youthful and fresh look.

10. Graphic Eye-Liner

Graphic liner gives eyes a bit of edge. With this winter season’s take on graphic lines, it’s time to think beyond the typical cat-eye and bring it to a whole other level. Choices can vary from simple dots to elaborate lines, but a bright color is a must for the graphic effect.

Now that you have our top 10 makeup trends for the winter season, have fun experimenting and picking one or two to add to your daily makeup routine. Be sure to share with your friends and bring your A-game with the latest trends! To further enhance your learning experience, we recommend you explore the recommended external site. You’ll discover supplementary and essential details about the subject., expand your knowledge!

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